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Selecting the Right Tillage Implements

Selecting the right primary tillage implement for the systems you’re trying to establish can be a challenge.  It pretty much comes down to how much horsepower you have at your disposal, how many acres you are managing, and how much residue you want to leave on the surface of the field. Residue Management In [...]

Selecting the Right Tillage Implements2018-02-04T14:10:54-06:00

Understanding Fertilizers and Soil Fertility

Soil Fertility is often the most limiting factor to economic crop yields.  In years past, soil fertility involved testing N, P, K, pH, and a few crop-specific micronutrients; then recommending a rate of fertilizer application that considers soil type, crop removal, timing, method, and other factors. Soil Fertility is a term that should be [...]

Understanding Fertilizers and Soil Fertility2018-01-15T14:32:27-06:00

Current State of Investments in Agriculture

This report summarizes the state of investment activity in the Agricultural Industry.  It will focus on trends relating to Sustainable Systems development, as well as new technology which might be applied to increase yield and/or quality of the food produced in the US. “Agriculture” is a widely defined industry.  It spans from the mining [...]

Current State of Investments in Agriculture2018-01-15T14:35:19-06:00

Is Climate Change for Real?

The Climates of our planet have undergone change and shifts and trends for millennia after millennia since the dawn of time.  The difference now, is that we can actually measure it with more accuracy than ever before.  When you combine that with the advances in atmospheric science, the consensus among scientists is that this time, [...]

Is Climate Change for Real?2017-09-27T04:09:42-05:00

The Nitrogen Cycle Simplified

by: John Deibel, Freelance Author Nitrogen is the foundation of all living things on our planet, comprising 80% of the atmosphere as N 2 Gas. In the process of utilizing Nitrogen for creating and sustaining life, it undergoes several complex processes involving biology, chemistry, and actually, physics. In Agriculture, Nitrogen is by far the most [...]

The Nitrogen Cycle Simplified2017-05-26T02:04:00-05:00

Understanding Pesticides and their Fate in the Environment

by:  John Deibel, Freelance Writer Pesticides have gotten their fair share of abuse over the years. Some of it justified, some of it hogwash.  In these days of social media and ‘fake news’, whoever can make the biggest splash for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and unique hits to a webpage or a video, wins.  Right?..uhm..not [...]

Understanding Pesticides and their Fate in the Environment2017-05-18T17:35:32-05:00

Planting Thoughts for 2017

The recent flirtation with almost mid-summer type temperature swings makes the mind wander forward to the coming season.  Some thoughts in that regard follow. Above Normal Temperatures Dominant According to analysts with the Weather Company, an IBM Business, we are on a string of above normal temperatures across much of the nation, the exception being [...]

Planting Thoughts for 20172017-04-07T13:25:04-05:00

Current Trends in American Agriculture

This year will conclude our current Census of Agriculture period.  The last Census was conducted in 2012.  Producers will receive their surveys at the end of this year, and aside from being required by law, your participation in this survey significantly effects how we do business in American Agriculture. The first Census of Agriculture was [...]

Current Trends in American Agriculture2017-03-06T20:55:12-06:00

Planting Date Continues to Trend Earlier in Corn

Another spring will soon be upon us in the Midwest which many of us know as planning season. The adoption of new technologies to improve quality and yields faster than ever before, with each new advance allowing us to be more efficient, productive, and environmentally responsible. Researchers across the industry continue to analyze some of [...]

Planting Date Continues to Trend Earlier in Corn2017-03-06T20:54:12-06:00

Some Thoughts on Spring Planting

Here are some thoughts to consider as we look forward to Spring 2017: Cover Crops are becoming more and more popular across our farms…some things to consider include: When using Winter Rye or other small grains as covers, remember that they need to be killed as early as possible (prior to 6-8” if possible); whether [...]

Some Thoughts on Spring Planting2017-03-06T16:01:56-06:00