What You Get

Your Swinger system comes complete with the motor and wheel auger attachment, the hardware necessary for assembly, and a the remote for operating your Swinger. For instructions on how to assemble your Swinger please see the Resources Page for downloadable PDFs.

Attach Swinger to auger

After a simple 4-step assembly, your Swinger can be easily attached to your auger.

Press the Remote

Easy, step by step remote programming allows you to use the Swinger for auger re-positioning without leaving the cab of your tractor. To find instructions for programming your Swinger remotes, visit our Resources Page.

Move Swing Arm Under Wagon

With the simple press of a button, the Swinger makes grain harvest vastly more efficient by removing the hassle of heavy lifting while unloading grain from fields.


What is the Swinger?

The Swinger hopper mover is a remote controlled electric swing arm that is used to electrically operate auger hoppers. There is no need to buy a new auger, because The Swinger is designed to be an extension of your existing auger hopper. Once The Swinger is installed on your auger hopper, you will have convenient, faster grain handling convenience without having to leave your truck.

The Swinger is quick and easy to install. You only have to attach 4 bolts to your existing auger hopper – no drilling or welding needed. The Swinger is compatible with all auger brands, so there is no need to purchase a new auger, extra parts, or remove your auger’s existing wheels.

What is the Benefit of Electric

The Swinger electric hopper is controlled by an electric power source (AC or DC), which means it is conveniently ready at all times. You don’t need to leave your tractor running because The Swinger is always ready to go and can be controlled from the comfort of your truck. This eliminates the strain from having to manually move the heavy auger hopper and correctly position it under the truck. With the easy-to-use remote transmitter, you can position the hopper exactly where it needs to be from the convenience of the remote.

The Swinger Difference

The Swinger has many labor and time-saving benefits that can help alleviate the strain of moving a heavy auger. Our design is easy-to-use and install, and the most affordable option to enhance your existing auger hopper. The Swinger is a one-man operation that makes grain handling faster and easier. Because the truck driver can control both the truck and the auger mover to easily position the swing arm underneath the truck, there is no need for other helpers during this process.